Table Society

One table – different people – food and drinks  – and you –  be part of the table society

The table society invites at four different times at the night of philosophy people to create for a short period of time a table society – the connection between all the people: they don´t know each other.

Join a dinner with strangers and create a society which exists in this night.

The performance is in English and free of charge.

The seats are limited and filled in the order of registration. N.B. Please registrate by yourself. It is essential for the performance that the attendees do not know each other.

Performance by Laura Klatt who is an artist working in the field of theatre and performance. She develops projects which are often based in the daily life, on the street, in the kitchen, in the living room, at the lake…. In 2011 she started table societies in Berlin in collaboration with Institut für Alles Mögliche. In 2016 she did her first table society in Bangalore, India as part of a residency at Goethe Institut. Since 2017 Laura is part of Performing Group. Laura Klatt lives and work in Germany and France.

Performance / Theater Lobby / 11pm, 1am, 3am, 5am / 60 min

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