Samuel Lézé is Associate Professor at the ENS de Lyon and deputy director of the Human Sciences Department. His research interests focus on Freudianism within intellectual history and medical anthropology. He has recently co-edited with Didier Fassin, Moral Anthropology: A Critical Reader (Routledge, 2014).



On Scandal
Scandal is now becoming a dominant way to communicate in mass media: the news is deeply intertwined with moral sentiments. Philosophers are not very comfortable with this kind of symbolic weapon of massive destruction challenging the norms of rational dialogue. However the act of “bashing” (or more classically “argumentum ad hominem”) could reveal some other interesting moral norms and values. “That’s why dead scandals,” wrote Lord Byron, “form good subjects for dissection.” My presentation aims at dissecting a dead scandal : the “Freud Wars” in the US and France. What is at stake in revealing that Freud had a love affair with his sister in law?

Time: 10 pm
Location: Ukrainian Institute of America / Library Room