Nicolas Moulin (born in 1970, lives and works in Berlin) works with film and photographed images to build a universe that evokes visions unique to science fiction literature and film. Using digital procedures to “empty Paris” of all signs of life, or changing perspectives to transform architecture into desert-like platforms (Novomond), Moulin’s images use their hallucinogenic qualities to percolate through the mental representations that the Western world has constructed of the future and of outer-space life, working to instill fiction in reality, or rather in an imaginary no-man’s-land in order to insert dystopian visions. Nicolas Moulin documents a world where the trajectory toward a better future is bogged down in an increasingly fictionalized present.



Video, color, sound
Duration: 32’

CNAP, Paris

Nicolas Moulin excerpts images that could evoke a planet with similar geology to Mars and more specifically to Iceland with three dominant geological elements: fields of lava, valleys of basalt, and fields eroded by glaciers: “When I create works I get preoccupied that they be perceived in their existence as non-identifiable objects that possess their own reality, independent of their processes of conception and creation.” He invites viewers to navigate a sort of interworld and to disorient themselves.

Time: 1 am
Location: Ukrainian Institute of America / Easter Room