Matthew Caws is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is best known as the lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of the pop rock band Nada Surf, formed almost twenty years ago. They are currently finishing work on their seventh studio album. He collaborated with Juliana Hatfield in 2013 for one album as Minor Alps. Matthew was born and raised in Manhattan and splits his time now between Brooklyn and Cambridge, England. His father is philosopher, author and professor Peter Caws and his mother is literary critic, author and professor Mary Ann Caws.


Matthew will play handful of new and old songs by Nada Surf and Minor Alps, and read a text by his philosopher father called The Book of Hylas. The songs will open the perspective on the possible philosophical essence of popular music, as Deleuze suggested: “A song is made by its refrain, the handful of words that creates its music.” Caws proves, however, that a refrain is not pure music but a hybrid of poetry, thought, melody and rhythm.

Time: 6:10 am
Location: Ukrainian Institute of America / Chandelier Room