Collective Task, founded in 2006, is an international group of artists and poets with over 25 participants. The premise is simple: each month a randomly chosen member of the group assigns a task to be completed within the month by each member of the collective. At the end of a 12-month cycle, the group publishes these responses—which have varied in terms of medium (video, sound, text, image)—as books and on their website. The first round of responses was published in 2009, and the second one, from 2011, in 2014. The collective is now on its third cycle and has performed in recently in New York and Berlin. Members including Chris Alexander, Sophia Le Fraga, Erica Baum, Robert Fitterman, Lanny Jordan Jackson, Shiv Kotecha, Kim Rosenfield, Fiona Templeton, and Mónica de la Torre will animate philosophical texts.


Part of the performance P is not dead.
PPP is for poetry, philosophy, and performance. Collective Task animates un-dead philosophy.

Time: 10 pm
Location: Cultural Services of the French Embassy / First Floor / Albertine books