Zenon Marko is a composer, producer, DJ, and drummer/percussionist residing in New York City. He is also a doctoral student in philosophy at the New School, with an educational background in physics, mathematics, computer science, and music. Marko has produced, composed, and performed in genres ranging from rock, ambient. techno, progressive, electronic, house, world, neoclassical, downtempo, and improvisational. His work has been released and on the charts internationally. He works under his own name as well as under various project names including that of his projects, Disreality, Sensualism, and band Metasonica. Marko currently owns a recording studio in the East Village of Manhattan. He is general manager of record label Release Musiq, and Marko will be launching his own independent record label this year, Sensorium Music, to feature and develop new artists and projects.



P is Not Dead

Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Cultural Services of the French Embassy / Albertine Books