On skin

Is our skin once again a place of thought symbolization? Can we tattoo a philosophical thought, so it can be seen ? Couldn’t this be the occasion for a ritual? These questions form the matter Robert Hatisi will explore with you through the night, by means of his ambulant painting-kit.

Born in Cairo, of Romanian parents, raised in Germany, Robert Hatisi moved to France to study at the drama-school ESAD in Paris. Since then he has performed on stage Shakespeare, Racine, Marivaux, Dumas, Claudel, Schwab, Copi and meets Meriam Korichi as director and dramatist of Euripides and Claudel. He is a founding member of J.C.Meurisse’s compagny « Chiens de Navarre » and performs in France (Bouffes du Nord, Centre Pompidou, MAC de Créteil, Théâtre de Gennevilliers etc) and abroad ( Switzerland, Belgium, Canada , Bosnia and USA). Simultanously, his aesthetic research leads him to create cinetagraphic objects based on collage, pop-up and animation as the short-movie « Babylonian Candour » (2015) and the children’s play « Un Roi sans Réponse », performed at Paris-Villette and The International Visual Theatre (2016). In June 2014 he takes part at the 4th edition of « A Night of Philosphy » in Berlin, starting a collaboration with Meriam Korichi of an open and on going project within these events.

Performance / Main Lobby, 1st Floor / All night