Rossen Ventzislavov is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Woodbury University. His interests include aesthetics, the history of philosophy, and critical theory. He has published work on architecture, popular music, psychoanalysis and curatorship. His current research focuses on performance art and social distinction.



Performance Art: Three Ways of Being Serious
In his presentation, Ventzislavov will explore three fundamental dimensions of performance art—the affective, the performative, and the political. Each of these dimensions presupposes a different concept of seriousness. Affectively, a serious work of art is one that retains a level of solemnity. Performatively, seriousness is measured by the correspondence between intent and final product. Politically, a serious work of art is one that hazards a social critique. By exploring the distinction between these dimensions and the different ways of being serious that correspond to them, Ventzislavov will try to advance our common understanding of performance art.

Time: 3:20 am
Location: Ukrainian Institute of America / Concert Hall