Is religious faith rational?

Roger Pouivet is Professor at the University of Lorraine and Archives Poincaré (CNRS). He has published works in the fields of philosophy of art and philosophy of religion, including Qu’est-ce que croire? The Right to Believe: Perspectives in Religious Epistemology (ed., with D. Lukasiewicz), and L’Épistémologie des croyances religieuses.



Is Religious Faith Rational?
Religious faith is sometimes presented as irrational, both by those who reject it and by those who accept it. Yet most of the great Christian theologians presented faith as rational, even if they have never thought it could be the conclusion of a proof. This claim requires a distinction between evidence or demonstration and rationality. We are led to consider the nature of rationality and the standards of justification of our beliefs. To be rational, should the religious beliefs be justified or even justifiable? This talk will seek to show how and why Religious Epistemology is one of the liveliest areas in current philosophy, rather than attempt to provide definitive answers.

Time: 10:30 pm
Location: Cultural Services of the French Embassy / Ballroom