Pierre Wagner is Professor of Philosophy at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne where he teaches logic and philosophy of logic. His other interests include the history of the philosophy of science, logical empiricism and the philosophy of Rudolf Carnap.



Philosophy and Enlightenment in the Twenty-First Century
The philosophical movement of the Enlightenment, far from being confined to its historical figures in the 18th Century, has promoted ideas and values which have raised both passionate support and virulent opposition ever since. In these debates, tolerance is often opposed to tradition, self-determination to authority, universality to particularism. In this talk, the question will be raised whether the Enlightenment may still be regarded as a valuable philosophical reference today, and how to compare the struggles inspired by the Enlightenment in the present day with the ones philosophers of the 18th Century faced in their time.

Time: 11:30 pm
Location: Cultural Services of the French Embassy / Ballroom