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© Simon Wardenier

Massimo Pigliucci is the K.D. Irani Professor of Philosophy at the City College of New York. He has written and edited a number of books, most recently Philosophy of Pseudoscience: Reconsidering the Demarcation Problem. His research interests include the philosophy of biology, in particular the structure and foundations of evolutionary theory, the relationship between science and philosophy, and the nature of pseudoscience. He edits the online magazine Scientia Salon.



Philosophy as Practical Wisdom: The Case for Stoicism
Philosophy is now a highly specialized academic field, comparable to the natural and social sciences, or to other disciplines in the humanities. But it started out, in part, as a very practical endeavor to help people figure out how to best live their lives. From Socrates and Plato to Diogenes, from Epicurus to Seneca, the ancient Greco-Romans in particular sought to understand what makes for a flourishing existence. In this talk, Pigliucci will address one approach to practical philosophy: Stoicism, a school of thought begun by Zeno of Citium around 300 BCE that is undergoing a remarkable renaissance in modern times.

Time: 4:20 am
Location: Ukrainian Institute of America / Concert Hall