Lydia Goehr is Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University. In 2010 she received a Lenfest Distinguished Columbia Faculty Award, in 2008 The Graduate Student Advisory Council’s Faculty Mentoring Award, and in 2005, a Columbia University Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching. Her publications include The Imaginary Museum of Musical Works: An Essay in the Philosophy of Music (1992; second edition with a new essay, 2007), The Quest for Voice: Music, Politics, and the Limits of Philosophy [essays on Richard Wagner] (1998), Elective Affinities: Musical Essays on the History of Aesthetic Theory [essays on Adorno and Danto] (2008). Her research interests are in German aesthetic theory and in particular in the relationship between philosophy, politics, history, and music. With Gregg Horowitz, she is series editor of Columbia Themes in Philosophy, Social Criticism, and the Arts, Columbia University Press.



Early Morning Exit, or the Concept of Exodus
How do we think of concepts, politically, poetically, and philosophically? Goehr’s talk will focus in particular on the concept or exodus.

Time: 5:50 am
Location: Ukrainian Institute of America / Concert Hall