Katalin Balog came to the US in 1989 from her native Budapest and has been living in New York most of the time since then. A professor at Rutgers University—Newark, she is most interested in the philosophical relationship between mind and body, and the nature of the self and free will.



Subjectivity in Kierkegaard and Buddhism
A purely scientific account of humans – though very far from reality – is perhaps not an impossibility. But even if we had such an account, it would be couched in scientific terms – and not in the language of subjective, conscious experience, i.e., in the language in which we as conscious subjects mostly understand value, meaning, and human significance. In this talk Balog wants to examine the role this gap plays both in Kierkegaard’s contrast between subjectivity and objectivity, and the Buddhist claim that direct experience (as opposed to conceptual understanding) is the antidote of samsaric existence.

Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Cultural Services of the French Embassy / Ballroom