Will this be worthwhile?

Isidora Stojanovic is a CNRS researcher at the Jean Nicod Institute in Paris. She works primarily in philosophy of language and semantics, with further interests in logic, epistemology, and cognitive science. Her research focuses on context-dependence, indexicality, evaluative language, the foundations of semantics, and the relationship between logic and grammar.


Will This Be Worthwhile?
You are deliberating whether to attend this talk or, rather, go for drinks instead. As mundane as it may seem, your dilemma involves some deeper philosophical issues. For one, the future is open: It is not yet settled whether the talk will even happen, let alone what it will be like. For another, third-person testimony that attending this kind of talk should be worthwhile is poor evidence that it will be worth your while. In this talk, Stojanovic shall explain the two problems, as well as the challenges that they raise for rational deliberation.

Time: 6:30 am
Location: Cultural Services of the French Embassy / Ballroom