Étienne Bimbenet is currently Assistant Professor at the Université Lyon III, and a researcher at the Husserl Archives in Paris. He is the author of Nature et humanité. Le problème anthropologique dans l’œuvre de Merleau-Ponty; Après Merleau-Ponty. Etudes sur la fécondité d’une pensée; and L’Animal que je ne suis plus.



Say “Hello” and Say “Thank you”: What Language Does to Humans

It is impossible, 150 years after Darwin, to continue philosophizing as if we had never been animals or were not radically and strangely transformed animals. The introduction of the “animal point of view” into philosophy implies a new kind of question. For example, what changes does conventional language produce in our ways of acting, perceiving, and thinking? What is it like to be human, that is, a being who speaks?

Time: 12:30 am
Ukrainian Institute of America / Concert Hall