Jukka Mikkonen is a Post-doctoral Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Tampere. His areas of expertise are philosophy of literature and the aesthetics of nature.


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Matti Sintonen is Head of the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and the Study of Arts at University of Helsinki, Finland. Educated in Helsinki and Oxford he has been professor of Philosophy of Science at Tampere University as well as Professor of Philosophy of Social Science and Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at Helsinki University. Dr. Sintonen was the Founding President of European Philosophy of Science Association and served in its Steering Committee in 2006–2010. He has experience as a member and chair of evaluation and review panels in Finland and elsewhere. He has been a member of the Research Council for the Study of Culture and Society in the Academy of Finland in 2010 – 2016 as well as a member of the Standing Committee and the Scientific Review Group for the Humanities in the European Science Foundation. Matti Sintonen was also appointed to the Scientific Committee for the Humanities of Science Europe. He has previously served as one of the Chairmen of Finnish Cultural Foundation and he is Life Member of Clare Hall College, Cambridge, as well as a member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. He is also the Vice-Chair of Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.

Disputatio / Seminar Room, 1st Floor / 1am / 50 min

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