Antoine-Mahut started her research as a historian of philosophy working on the empirical part of Cartesian texts within a structuralist and contextualist approach. She then developed a wider study integrating the intellectual receptions and meditations. Antoine-Mahut focuses on the institutional and political dimension of the historiography of philosophy in France, with an emphasis on analyzing the interactions between philosophy and the experimental sciences (medicine in particular) and on the philosophical construction of intellectual “figures” that are still very important in today’s French teaching system.



Litmus Testing the Early Modern Thinkers: The Actuality of the History of Philosophy

Antoine-Mahut aims to verify the hypothesis that the early modern authors can shed light on contemporary questions, and in a pertinent way (by providing models, displacing limits, reformulating problems…). The goal of this talk is to provide a significant contribution to the movement of “doing philosophy historically,” by showing how the history of philosophy is entirely philosophical.

Time: 12 am
Location: Cultural Services of the French Embassy / Ballroom