Christopher Ghaffari is currently enrolled at the Yale School of Drama where credits include Paradise Lost, Touch, This Flat Earth, King John, In Arabia We’d All Be Kings, and the title role Coriolanus. Yale Rep: These Paper Bullets! (u/s Anton), and A Streetcar Named Desire (u/s Stanley), and the upcoming Elevada. Shakespeare on the Sound: As You Like It; Julius Caesar. New York: A Broken Liver and a Cataract (dir.). Princeton University: Angels in America, Woyzeck, The Monkeys Are Coming, My Fair Lady, Elephant’s Graveyard (dir.), Catastrophe and Ohio Impromptu (dir.), This Is Our Youth (dir.), among others. Film: Some Freaks (dir. Ian McDonald).



Philosophy in the Boudoir
A full reading of the book by the Marquis de Sade (1795), in the first unexpurgated English translation by Richard Seaver & Austryn Wainhouse published in the US by Grove Press in 1965. No other writer has so scandalized proper society as the Marquis de Sade, but despite the deliberate destruction of over three-quarters of his work, Sade remains a major figure in the history of ideas. His influence on some of the greatest minds of the last century–from Baudelaire and Swinburne to Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky and Kafka–is indisputable. Philosophy in the Bedroom (1795) is a major work that presents the clearest summation of his political philosophy. It’s a dialogue set in a boudoir exploring and experimenting through language the links between total freedom of thought and total freedom of manners and bodies. The text is adapted for five actors who give their voice to a relentless Marquis de Sade proposing a radical thought experiment.

Explicit content.

Time: 12 am – 5 am
Location: Ukrainian Institute of America / 3rd Floor / Oval Room