Since 2006, Bruno Karsenti has taught philosophy at the EHESS (Paris). His last books are Moïse et l’idée de peuple. La vérité historique selon Freud, (Le Cerf, 2012) and D’une philosophie à l’autre. Les sciences sociales et la politique des modernes, (Gallimard, 2013).



What’s New about Modern Subjectivity? Some Perspectives in French Research, Between Sociology and Psychoanalysis
One might think that the problem of the subject has been exhausted by the debate that has taken place between post-Kantians and structuralists over the past several decades. In fact, this is true enough—at least if one considers the preferred arguments, and the speculative arsenal that has been mobilized by both positions in this debate. It is now widely claimed, in France and elsewhere, that this debate had been overly theoretical, leaving the real problems of contemporary society quite untouched. In France, over the past ten years, several works in sociology and psychology have been devoted to the transformations in the self-understanding and psychopathological structures of individuals. In this field, the question of the subject is now re-emerging in quite a new way, equidistant from both subjective idealism and the postmodern critique of the subject. Karsenti proposes to identify some aspects of this revival, in a social sciences perspective.

Time: 10:30 pm
Location: Ukrainian Institute of America / Library Room