Alice Le Goff is Assistant Professor at Paris Descartes University. She has developed research in social and political theory and in the epistemology of social science. She recently co-edited, with Miriam Bankovsky, the collection Recognition Theory and Contemporary French Moral and Political Philosophy. Her current work aims to research the social and practical issues at stake in the sense of honor.



Is Honor Obsolete in Modern Societies?
It might seem paradoxical to question the role of honor in modern societies, given that asserting the obsolescence of honor has become so commonplace: In the 1970s, Peter Berger proposed what has now become the classic formulation of the thesis of the obsolescence. This idea has been endorsed by a broad range of authors but, more recently, it has also been contested by approaches that propose a philosophical “defense” of the practical role of honor in ethics and politics. In the wake of such approaches, Le Goff’s talk will draw on a sustained dialogue between philosophy and social science (sociology, anthropology) to substantiate a critical discussion of the thesis of the “obsolescence.”

Time: 6:00 am
Location: Cultural Services of the French Embassy / Ballroom