A Night of Philosophy is a nocturnal event, inviting philosophers and artists to organize a unique encounter between Philosophy, Art and the general Public. It is based on the principles of profusion, simultaneity and free access: profusion of philosophers and artists, simultaneity of the performances, freedom of the audience. As a site-specific event, A Night of Philosophy offers each time a new experience. After Paris, Berlin, London, New York, UNESCO’s Paris headquarters, Brooklyn, Lima, A Night of Philosophy returns to Helsinki Festival for a second edition at Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum, on September 1st, 2017, from 10pm to 7am.
A Night of Philosophy in Helsinki 2017 is specially conceived in the context of ARS 17, the exhibition on “digital revolution” currently taking over Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum, exceptionnaly leaving on show the entire night the works by Hito Steyerl, by Ed Atkins, by Reija Merilänen, by Young Jake, by Ilja Karilampi. On this occasion, A Night of Philosophy mixes the old and the new, confronts the ephemeral and the perennial, blurs the difference between the contemporary and the vintage, experiments on the possibility of contemporary conviviality. This edition offers to cruse the entire night through different types of performances and experiences: Vintage? (Art installations), Lectio (Philosophy Lectures), Disputatio (Philosophical claims and their objections), Convivum (live performances around a table).
A Night of Philosophy is a series of events created by Mériam Korichi since 2010.

A Night of Philoosphy in Helsinki 2’s full program