Franck Heath was born in 1982 in St. Joseph, MO. He lives and works in New York. Solo exhibitions, and two-person shows include: Asymptomatic Carrier, (solo) Frieze Frame with Simone Subal Gallery, NY, NY (2013); Post Holes (solo), Simone Subal Gallery, NY, NY (2012); Bcc: (with Brendan Meara), Roots and Culture, Chicago, IL, USA (2011); and Econoline 1, (with JJ PEET) Videotage Gallery, Hong Kong, China (2007). Past and upcoming.. Read More


David Copenhafer is a writer and musician living in Brooklyn. He teaches literature and philosophy at Bard Early College. His research focuses on the emerging field of Literary Sound Studies. His writing can be found in such places as Qui Parle, The Brooklyn Rail, and Camera Obscura. His music is available online.   Performance: Thinking with ‘Indeterminacy’ Thoughts on John Cage’s landmark 1959 recording “Indeterminacy” will be interrupted, at random.. Read More


Many of Susan Hiller’s works question the pre-eminence of our culturally-defined ‘rational’ understanding of the world. Since the early 1970s she has consistently worked to draw our attention to what is overlooked or out of sight in culture. In works that integrate ‘irrational’ or unscientific modes of thought, she develops strategies that bypass and subvert entrenched theoretical constructions that set limits on the intelligible. Hiller is one of the pioneers.. Read More


Mimi Cohen is the writer and performer of the one-woman-musical, A Tribute to Laura Nyro, “To Carry On…” directed by legendary theater artist Gretchen Cryer (I’m Getting My Act Together & Taking It On The Road). Laura Nyro is the iconic singer/songwriter who soared to fame in the late 1960’s. Many of her songs became top ten hits by other popular artists of the day. Songs such as: “Wedding Bell.. Read More