Paul Bloomfield University of Connecticut, Storrs Paul Bloomfield is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Connecticut (Storrs), who specializes in moral philosophy and metaphysics. He is editor of Morality and Self-Interest (OUP, 2008), and author of Moral Reality (OUP, 2001) and The Virtues of Happiness (OUP, 2014).   Lecture: Morality Is Necessary for Happiness An argument for the eponymous conclusion is given through a series of hypothetical syllogisms, the.. Read More


Étienne Bimbenet is currently Assistant Professor at the Université Lyon III, and a researcher at the Husserl Archives in Paris. He is the author of Nature et humanité. Le problème anthropologique dans l’œuvre de Merleau-Ponty; Après Merleau-Ponty. Etudes sur la fécondité d’une pensée; and L’Animal que je ne suis plus.   Lecture: Say “Hello” and Say “Thank you”: What Language Does to Humans It is impossible, 150 years after Darwin,.. Read More


Katalin Balog came to the US in 1989 from her native Budapest and has been living in New York most of the time since then. A professor at Rutgers University—Newark, she is most interested in the philosophical relationship between mind and body, and the nature of the self and free will.   Lecture: Subjectivity in Kierkegaard and Buddhism A purely scientific account of humans – though very far from reality.. Read More


Artist French-born artist Eve Bailey lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She has formed a practice based on the concepts of balance and coordination. Rooted in the tradition of the artist-engineer, her work lives at the intersection of sculpture, performance, dance, architecture, and design, addressing themes of motion. Bailey’s work has been commissioned for the public realm, and exhibited in galleries and museums in France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Russia,.. Read More